Thursday, 3 May 2012

Appearances are Deceptive.

Now he looks peacable and as though butter wouldn't melt, but don't be taken in by appearances.

Last week he stole a basket full of chocolate.

We'd had an Easter Egg hunt for my grandchild and while we were having dinner, this 'butter wouldn't melt in your mouth' GS tea leaf crept into the lounge and ate the lot - silver paper wrapping and all!

Well dog lovers know that dogs shouldn't eat chocolate - it's very bad for them as it can cause liver damage - and this GS has never had chocolate before. But I'm afraid he's got quite a taste for it now in spite of the trouble he had getting rid of the silver paper wrappings.

Last night he crept upstair while we were asleep, went into the spare room where my son had innocently left some cream eggs. Next morning I found part of the wrappings on the floor - and the dog looking just like he does in this picture.

But I wasn't deceived!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Sweet Dreams

Well this isn't a picture of my pets as they certainly do NOT get on together like this!

I'd love them to be friends but don't know whether the natural aggression from one and indifference from the other is to blame.

Does anyone know if you can train pets to be friends like this or is it just luck if they get on well.

Please tell me if you know of any books that may helpou've been successful, tell me how you did it.